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How many logos can the human mind create using six points? That is our mission, to find out. Help us and enjoy.

The six-pointed star, also known as the Star of David, Shield of David, or King Solomon's Seal, has gain many meanings over the years. Throughout the ages people have been debating upon its origin, creation, meaning, and its use. Some trace its origin not to Jewish root but to ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. Theories about the hexagram cannot be proved, but are all fascinating and inspiring.

Many think the star was formed based on King David of Israel's name, his shield, or the astrological calendar on the day of his birth or anointment. Some seem to feel that it has to do with the number 7, the six points and the center, in relation to the six days of creation and seventh day of rest. Others believe the interlocking equilateral triangles represent bonds between Heavens and Earth, Man and Woman, Mind and Body, Air and Fire, or symbolizes the 7 directions, 7 chakras (our body energy center) or purely astrology.

Most don't realize that the star hasn't always been a symbol of the Jewish faith and that it has also been used in other cultures for witchcraft. Some consider it the mark of the beast, magical, heavenly or evil. Having been used in concentration camps, on flags, ambulance services, police badges, and in mathematics, the six-pointed star found wide range of uses. One thing that we do know is that all stories about it are imagined, so it is left upon you to decide what this six-point star represents to you.

The SixPoint Project is the brainchild of Itzhak Beery, founder of Bleecker & Sullivan Advertising agency. He is an Israeli native who lives in New York City for over 30 years. Throughout his productive career as a designer and creative director he won many design awards for corporate ID, symbols and advertising he created for large variety of organizations and clients. Contact him.

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